Why It’s Better to Use a Custom Framer Over Joann Fabrics Owings Mills, MD

picture frame

A custom frame is the best way to display any artwork, decorate your home, or make a statement. If you choose the wrong company, your frame won’t stand the test of time.  Unfortunately, corporate custom-framing stores aren’t committed to providing a high level of service. In most cases, they are more concerned with making a profit.

While big-box stores seem to offer easy options and cost-effective solutions, the opposite is actually true. These establishments make errors frequently, cause delays, and upcharge for low-grade materials. Also, by paying their employees minimum wage, stores like Joann Fabrics show how little they care about investing in their workforce. As a result, their framing assistants are rarely invested in the craft. Instead, they are overworked and underpaid for their efforts.

At The Chessler Company, our specialists remain with us for years because their work is valued. Furthermore, customer service is everything to us. When it comes to framing, Joann Fabrics in Owings Mills, MD, can only offer second best. Our framers will take care of your prized photos and artwork to ensure they are professionally framed.

One-Of-A-Kind Service

Custom framers will provide you with a high level of service that is tailored to your goals. At The Chessler Company, you’ll receive individual attention every step of the way. We offer guidance, expertise, and a multitude of mounting options to all of our clients. Unlike corporate stores, we don’t sell as many products as possible to make as much profit as possible. Instead, we focus on what we’re best at and do it well. In fact, we’ve been in business since 1959. Framing is our passion, and we care about delivering exceptional, long-lasting frames to our customers.

Affordable Options 

Joann Fabrics in Owings Mills, MD, doesn’t offer fairly priced custom framing options. While their services and products appear to be inexpensive, the end result is never worth the cost. The Chessler Company, on the other hand, prices every framing project individually. Above all else, we want to ensure our customers find a high-quality option that also fits their budget. If you have any concerns about costs, we can modify your project to find a proper balance. With years of experience, we know the framing business well. Our specialists know how to price a frame correctly, and we never swindle our customers.

High-Quality Framing and Installation

Whether you buy a frame off the shelf at Joann Fabrics in Owings Mills, MD or use their corporate custom framing services, the quality is always the same. As time passes, their frames crack, chip and break easily. Then, before you know it, you have to make another purchase. Additionally, they don’t offer any installation services for their customers. Some frames can be heavy and difficult to lift, which can make for an unsafe situation. If you select a family-owned business such as The Chessler Company, we will work with you to install your frame safely. We also source dependable materials that will stay on your wall for years to come. In truth, there’s no comparison: a small business will always do a better job than Joann Fabrics in Owings Mills, MD.

Select The Chessler Company over Joann Fabrics in Owings Mills, MD

Your artwork is everything to you, and it’s everything to us. We can bring your vision to life. Family owned and operated since 1959, The Chessler Company specializes in providing professional style art and picture framing services to anyone in need of a quality framing provider. For more information about why you should choose us over Joann Fabrics in Owings Mills, MD, call us at (410) 358-5161, and let us help you decorate your home!