Why Framed Art is Essential in Hotel Hallways

Hotel hallway lined with framed artwork

In the past, art in hotel hallways was typically just a boring repetition of the same motifs. However, today, hotel owners are beginning to realize the value of carefully selecting art for hotel hallways. Framed art is essential for a variety of commercial establishments, and it shouldn’t just be used in the lobby or other front-facing spaces. Customers expect an immersive, consistent experience when they visit your business. Therefore, you should put the time and effort in to ensure your framed art makes an impact.

Still not convinced? Here’s why framed art is essential in hotel hallways:

It Transforms an Otherwise Underwhelming Space

Your hallways are never going to be the most interesting areas in your hotel. Most of your guests will only be there for a short time as they navigate to and from their room. With that being said, this is part of the reason why hallways need extra attention. Many hotel owners make the mistake of completing ignoring this area because they think it isn’t important. In reality, hotel hallways present a unique opportunity. Making this space memorable will positively impact your guests as they aren’t used to being wowed by art in hallways. Ultimately, framed art is essential for taking a dull space and turning it into something spectacular.

It Makes Hotels Feel Up-to-Date 

If you still have old artwork from the 80’s hanging in your hotel hallway, it’s time for a change. If artwork isn’t maintained, it deteriorates over time, and you don’t want your guests looking at yellowed or faded art. Consider swapping out your dated pieces to refresh the space and give it a much-needed makeover. Hotel guests notice newly framed art, and they appreciate hotels that put effort into the appearance of their hallways.

It Establishes a Consistent Theme

Some hotel owners put all their energy and resources into designing a beautiful lobby. When they forget about hallways, however, it makes for an inconsistent theme. Let’s say that you own a beach resort hotel, and your reception area is filled with beautiful photos of the ocean. When guests exit the elevator and walk down the hallway, they’re disappointed to find old, peeling wallpaper and artwork that seems out of place. Yes, framed art is essential near the reception desk, but you shouldn’t blow your whole budget on this area. Allocate your resources in a balanced way to ensure your theme stays consistent and welcoming for guests.

Framed Art is Essential for Businesses. At The Chessler Company, We’ll Help You Select the Perfect Art for Your Hotel!

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