Why Art Is Critical to Every Medical Facility

framed art in a medical facility

Hospitals and doctor’s offices can be stressful places, and no patient feels comfortable staring at a blank wall in a cold, stark space. Whether you primarily see older adults or young children, everyone prefers a cheerful or peaceful view over the alternative. While it might seem like a less important expense, art is critical to every medical facility.

Research Shows the Arts Matter

In 2007, over 40% of healthcare facilities had in-house art programs like music, art classes or healing gardens. That number has grown over time, and more medical facilities have incorporated both live art activities and displays like paintings and murals. The importance of art in a medical facility is not merely hype; it is rooted in science. One 2011 study found that blood flow increased by 10% to the “joy” region of the brain when the viewer saw a gorgeous painting, regardless of what the subject was. Visual art has a very real, positive psychological effect on the brain of the viewer.

One of the landmark studies that first investigated the impact of surroundings on the healing process in 1984. It found that, post-surgery, patients who had a view of trees or nature from their window recovered almost 24 hours faster and used less pain medication than those that faced a brick wall. In a more recent study, the Cleveland Clinic noticed a reduction in stress in over 60% of patients from viewing the hospital’s contemporary art collection distributed throughout lobbies, exam rooms and common areas. Art takes the patient’s mind off of pain, discomfort and stress, even temporarily.

Choosing the Right Art

We can assist you in finding the right art for your medical facility, because a piece that is right for a cancer center might be less appropriate for a pediatrician’s office. Our in-house art experts can find different artwork that perfectly matches your patient base, whether you want local photographs to highlight the history of the area or peaceful landscapes. Art remains one of the best investments that your medical facility can make in your employees, doctors, nurses and the patients and families that walk through your doors.

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