Since 1959, The Chessler Company has provided a comprehensive range of wholesale custom picture framing services to business throughout the art industry.

We are proud to be the preferred custom picture framer of many:

  • Art Galleries
  • Art Consultants


  • Art Publishers
  • Artists


  • Design Consultants
  • Interior Designers


  • Photographers
  • Space Planners


Wholesale custom picture framing services

Whether you’re the owner of an art gallery or an interior designer, finding a quality framing wholesaler is essential to giving your clients the excellent finished product they expect. The Chessler Company is proud to be the preferred custom picture framer of many art galleries, art publishers, art consultants, artists, design consultants, photographers, interior designers and space planners.

The Chessler Company’s wholesale custom picture framing services are:
  • Time-sensitive
  • Cost-effective
  • Designed to keep your business competitive
  • Versatile to frame anything that you need framed, from whiteboards to certificates

Experienced Custom Framer

We know that your work is time-sensitive, and partnering with someone who is experienced and responsive matters. Our team works with hundreds of interior designers and artists like you every year, so we know how to meet your needs in the most streamlined fashion possible.

Thanks to our wealth of experience working as a custom framing wholesaler, we are very easy to work with. We know how to meet your deadlines and your clients’ expectations.

Versatile Wholesale Solutions

As a wholesale picture framing company, we understand that competitive prices are critical to keeping your business competitive. That’s why we offer a full suite of versatile, cost-effective wholesale framing solutions to our wholesale customers.

We can frame anything that you need to be framed, from whiteboards in an office you are designing to certificates for a group at an event.

Expansive Design Resources

The Chessler Company strives to meet all of your wholesale framing needs, so we have access to a broad array of archival framing materials, hundreds of framing fabric options, hundreds of frame options to choose from and many more customization options.

If you need artwork or photography for your project, we also offer a full range of archival prints and high-quality prints from major publishers.

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