When is it Time to Replace a Piece of Art?

framed artwork

A beautifully framed picture or painting can help complete a room or office, but the opposite can be true as well! Old, outdated, or just dull art can drag down the aesthetic of a space. While art owners typically place a selection and never move it, sometimes it makes sense to replace a piece of art. Let’s look at some of the main reasons why.

Replace a Piece of Art When Redecorating

This is the most common reason. Newly purchased furniture, updated paint, or even new art pieces can make an existing design stick out like a sore thumb. Art should accentuate a room’s characteristics, so if the room itself changes, you can, and should, change the art as well. The same is true if you relocate. Moving offices or to a new home brings a different dynamic where your existing art may not fit.

Updating Damaged or Destroyed Artwork

Sadly, accidents and outside elements – like sunlight exposure – can negatively alter how the art looks. You’ll want to replace a piece of art if it has lost its visual appeal. While a suitable frame can help protect your pieces, accidents do happen. While frustrating, don’t feel obligated to keep a damaged piece! You can try to get it refurbished, find a similar selection, or replace it altogether. The same thinking goes for outdated pieces. While some art ages gracefully, other selections may be tied to a historical era or a time in your life that is no longer relevant. Don’t be afraid to move on from these pieces if they no longer bring joy or represent who you are.

Sometimes Your Mood Just Changes

The best part of art ownership may be shopping for the art itself. As an art owner, you should replace a piece of art for any reason. You may enjoy a piece but want something different. The shopping process where you look at other selections, imagine them in your home and discuss potential options with loved ones brings immense joy. Part of enjoying art is admiring new pieces and being excited about the possibilities. There truly is never a wrong time to replace a piece of art.

The Chessler Company Can Help Frame Your New Pieces

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