When Do You Need a Professional to Install Artwork?

a professional installing artwork

There is always excitement when purchasing a new piece of art, but hanging it correctly can sometimes pose a challenge. Of course, some people may choose to hang a picture frame themselves, but larger art pieces, pieces hung in difficult to reach locations or on unique mounting surfaces may require a professional touch to ensure the safety of the piece.

When to Hire a Professional to Install Artwork

It is always smart for businesses to use a professional to install artwork since professionals can ensure that all pieces are hung with the right materials, tools and equipment for the job. A properly hung picture can give your office an added feel of professionalism and class that your clients will notice; however, a crooked or improperly installed piece can look sloppy or even fall off the wall! Professionals can correctly hang pieces around your office or create a dynamic wall gallery that is inviting and warm as well as safely secured to your walls.

Look at the Big Picture

Artwork comes in all sizes, and some pieces may be too big or cumbersome for a novice to handle properly. Professionals are accustomed to working with oversized and uniquely shaped pieces and understand the tools needed to hang them properly. The same can be said for location. Some businesses, like hotels or hospitals, want pieces in particular places, like high on a wall with an elevated ceiling, which could be challenging to reach without the proper tools. Instead of risking damage to the art and a potential employee injury, this is an excellent time for a professional to install artwork. They can install the piece where you would like it without fear of damage or injury.

Hanging Artwork at Home

For artwork in your home, you may not be as strict as a business owner, but you do want things to look as nice as possible. Especially if the piece is valuable or has sentimental value, you should hire a professional. Trying to install a frame yourself could end up in excess damage to your walls or even to the frame or artwork itself. When you hire a professional to install artwork, it won’t only look great, but the job will be done correctly, so you don’t need to worry about any damage or unnecessary holes in your walls. Also, if you want to add more pieces, a professional can help you with the layout to ensure your artwork always looks its best.

Let The Chessler Company Install Your Artwork

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