What Type of Frame Should You Choose for Wedding Photos?

Picture frame with wedding photo. Studio shot on wooden background.

Choosing the right frame for your wedding photos can be a challenge. Today, there are so many options and styles available for newlyweds. Formal or informal? Rustic or contemporary? If you’re pulling your hair out trying to decide, take a step back. It’s true that these are pictures you’ll be looking at for years to come, and that comes with some pressure. However, framing your wedding photos should be a fun and rewarding experience. To make your decision easier, we have compiled a few types of frames to consider below.

Customized Wood Frames

Wooden frames are a classic choice for wedding photos, but if you want something unconventional, don’t fret! There are so many ways to change up this look. Wooden frames come in all kinds of different colors and styles. Darker, glossed wood lends itself to a modern appearance, whereas lighter, untreated wood looks more rustic. A classic look doesn’t have to be unoriginal. Your frame should complement your story as a couple, so don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity!

Simple, Enchanting Floater Frames 

If you choose this style, your wedding photos will appear to “float” and not touch the frame. If you want something that gives your photos more depth, this is the frame for you. Floater frames produce a simple, elegant, yet unique effect. This makes them perfect for bare walls that aren’t crowded with other pieces. The picture you select should be a showstopper, perhaps even your favorite image from your wedding day. Typically, these frames work best when displayed individually rather than in a gallery wall format.

Framed Canvas Prints   

If you want to add dimension to your wedding photos, framed canvas prints are a great choice. This type of frame brings the image forward and gives it a 3D appearance. As a result, it’ll be the first thing someone notices when they enter a room. Framed canvas prints elevate your wedding photos and make them look like works of art. What more could you ask for?

If you want to include a canvas print on a gallery wall, make sure it’s a strong focal point. This is a special type of frame that should be reserved for your most beautiful wedding photos.

Still aren’t sure about what type of frame is right for your wedding photos? Our experts at the Chessler Company can help you find the perfect frame for that special occasion. We’ll tell you all about the different framing styles, materials and installation options we have available. Share your wedding story with us!

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