What to Look for in a Wholesale Picture Framing Provider

wholesale picture framing

Selecting the right wholesale picture framing provider is important, whether you’re an interior decorator needing affordable supplies or an art gallery owner in need of quality frames at great prices. How can you find the best wholesale framing provider for your needs?

What to Look for in a Wholesale Picture Framing Provider

  1. Customer Service: Even if you aren’t purchasing picture frames in a retail environment, you should still expect exceptional customer service. At The Chessler Company, we are a customer-centered business, and we give excellent customer service to every customer regardless of the size or scope of their framing needs. We want to make ordering the frames that you need as easy as possible and to be your wholesale picture framing provider of choice.
  2. Variety: The right wholesale picture framing provider should have hundreds of options available to meet your needs and the needs of your clients. The Chessler Company has a broad variety of framing supplies and frames available for interior designers, artists, gallery owners and anyone in need of a wholesale picture framing provider.
  3. Affordability: If you’re like many people, the reason that you’re looking for a wholesale picture framing provider in the first place is to find a more affordable way to frame art and photographs. We have an impressive array of highly affordable options that can be mixed and matched to suit your project.
  4. Custom Sizes: One size doesn’t fit all, even if the majority of what you’re framing fits in a standard size frame! We know that every project is unique and offer custom sized frames to meet your needs. The wholesale custom picture frames that you need are only a call away.
  5. Quality Materials: While you might not have a big budget for the custom picture frames that you need, that doesn’t mean that you should need to sacrifice quality. The best wholesale picture framing providers offer you top quality frames made from great materials. The Chessler Company never cuts corners, and we are proud to offer premium solutions for a fraction of the cost.

Choose a Trusted Wholesale Picture Framing Provider in The Chessler Company

Family owned and operated since 1959, The Chessler Company specializes in providing professional style art and picture framing services to anyone in need of a quality wholesale picture framing provider. To learn more, call us at (410) 358-5161, and let us help with your next project.