What to Consider When Framing Documents

Whether you just graduated and want to have your diploma beautifully framed or you want to preserve a love letter for the rest of your life, finding the perfect frame is essential. Framing documents is not quite the same as photographs or pieces of art, as there are some unique considerations that you’ll need to make to preserve the paper and the ink on it. What are some of the things you should think about when framing your precious documents?

The Type of Document

When framing documents, you want to consider the type of document before you choose your frame. If you are framing something vintage or historic, you might want to choose a frame that matches the era of the document. However, framing your diploma is totally different. A simple frame with sleek lines and solid white matting can preserve the document and give it a timeless look. We can evaluate the document that you want to frame and show you frame options that create your intended look.

The Preservation

Framing documents that are valuable or that hold a lot of sentimental value might mean using some protective techniques. The acid in framing materials can degrade your document over the years. By using archival framing techniques and pH-neutral materials, you can feel confident that you are preserving your document in a manner that will stand the test of time. Having your documents professionally framed will also ensure that they are not damaged during the framing process by dirt or oils.

The Installation Location

Finally, another one of the key considerations when framing documents is where the final piece will be displayed. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid hanging any documents that you want to keep perfectly preserved in an area of the house with high moisture levels, like the bathroom, kitchen, or basement. If you want to place the document in a prominent area of the house but are concerned about the frame potentially being knocked over and damaged, we can help you explore secure hanging solutions that minimize the risk of damage.

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