What to Avoid When Choosing Office Artwork

Artwork can completely change the way that your office feels, whether it’s shaping the first impression that prospective clients get or boosting employee productivity. While there are plenty of things that you should do when thinking about office artwork, there are also many things that you should avoid.

Too Much Dark Art

Dark walls and dark artwork can make a room feel smaller and dimmer than it actually is. Because you want everyone in your office to be ready to work (or, at the very least, not sleepy), it’s a good idea to opt for neutral or brighter colors instead. If you do want to include a darker-toned piece or two, make sure that they are not so large that they cover most of a wall, or place them in the largest, most open space.

Not Enough Variety

You want the pieces of art that you choose for your office to all have a cohesive look, but that doesn’t mean that you want them all to look the same. When choosing your office artwork, it can be a good idea to work with a professional, like The Chessler Company, as we can take your overall brand values into account and come up with a cohesive variety of artwork that is ready to hang.

Cluttering Up the Walls

Some businesses are so eager to choose office artwork that they end up with far more frames on the walls than necessary. Make sure that your walls are not just filled with pictures and other artwork for the sake of doing so. Instead of focusing on a large number of pictures and art, think about higher-quality pieces that work together to create a beautiful effect.

Trying to Make a Statement

One of the many reasons why people add art to any space is to make a statement. However, that isn’t necessarily appropriate for office artwork. Something that makes too bold of a statement can be a distraction and even risk polarizing visitors to your property. Office artwork should be pleasant and cohesive, not overly eye-catching. We know that balance can be hard to find, which is one reason why we offer consultation services.

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