What Makes a High-Quality Frame?

craftsman working on a frame

If you’re planning to frame something, it’s probably because the item or artwork means a lot to you. Maybe it’s a family photograph or your child’s first sports jersey. Perhaps you own a business and you’ve put a lot of thought into the design of the interior space; you want the artwork to be a reflection of your brand. Either way, the frame you pick should be treated with care. A high-quality frame will not only support your possessions, but act as part of the piece itself. Here are a few things that make for a high-quality frame.

High-Grade Materials

It’s easy to spot low-quality materials. If you visit a chain superstore, you’ll find plenty of standard fiberglass or plastic frames that feel flimsy and look dull. Most importantly, they won’t be able to support the contents inside the frame. Over time, your artwork could fade and become discolored. High-quality frames, on the other hand, are made with the finest materials. These include high-grade glass (with UV resistance as an option) and acid-free backing boards and mats to safeguard your artwork against corrosion.

It’s Customizable

A high-quality frame is suited to your needs. Custom framing businesses such as The Chessler Company can help you help customize your design, including the size and installation specifications. Trying to squeeze your artwork into a pre-defined space can be unnecessarily difficult. It’s a fact: mass-produced frames aren’t made with you in mind, whereas custom frames are tailor-made and personalized. With framing professionals, you can decide exactly how you want your frame to appear. They will also offer you plenty of advice and answer any questions you may have along the way.

It Feels Sturdy

When you come across a high-quality frame, you can feel the difference. A poor-quality frame will feel as light as a feather. You may even get the sense that with the slightest pressure, it will break into pieces. A custom frame will always be more durable because it’s made to last. More than likely, you’ll know it when you see it: when you visit your local custom framer, take a look at what they have on display and ask if you can hold one of their frames in your hands. It should feel solid and well-made. Ultimately, trusting your gut is the most important part of selecting the right frame.

Upgrade to a High-Quality Frame with The Chessler Company

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