What is the Best Art for Government Buildings?

government building

From the US Capitol building to your local town hall, government buildings can traditionally hold many spectacular art pieces that can be decades – if not centuries – old. The best art for government buildings should speak to that agency’s mission and the community it represents. Here are a few ideas for those looking to decorate inside a government building.

What is the Best Art for Government Buildings?

There is no truly wrong answer, but pieces highlighting the local area are a great idea! One way to do that is to feature paintings or photographs of local landmarks or town residents. These art pieces can show an area’s unique history and accentuate the best of daily life the area has to offer. If the building houses a government service, like parks and recreation, these art pieces can feature employees working throughout the community.

Engage with the Community

The best art for government buildings should also feature local artists whenever possible. Government agencies should interact with the local art community, either purchasing pieces for local painters and photographers or commission new art pieces. These can add to the personality of government buildings. Murals can also make an excellent addition, showing the people and places that make up the agency’s work. Those picking the art for government buildings want them to feel open and welcoming, so warm pictures of people doing good work can add to the aesthetic.

Using the Right Frames

Sometimes the best art for government buildings is already there; it just may need a facelift. As we mentioned earlier, government buildings typically showcase brilliant art pieces, though many of these could use a new frame that better shows off the artwork or protects the art itself. By and large, the style of art in government buildings might not have been updated in many years, so reframing existing artwork with more modern frames can give the building an updated appearance without purchasing new artwork.

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