What Is Conservation Framing?

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If your company or family has something valuable to frame, regardless of whether it is valuable for sentimental or collectible reasons, you want to make sure the framing process protects it instead of putting it at an increased risk of damage. Conservation framing is a method that uses specific materials and methods to preserve the artwork or document on display from damaging environmental factors.

The Right Glass

One of the most important parts of conservation framing is selecting the right glass. Glass used in these projects should be treated to filter out damaging UV rays that can lead to discoloration, fading and permanent damage. Depending on where your artwork will be displayed, you can utilize UV-coated materials that are also anti-reflective so that you will only be paying attention to the work on display instead of the harsh glare.

The Right Restoration

In some cases, conservation framing can also involve bringing new life into a damaged or time-worn piece. Professional art restorers can repair signs of aging, wear and tear. Once your piece has been restored, conservation framing will ensure that it remains in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

The Right Materials

Conservation framing uses special products, like archival-quality materials. We select the right materials for your project from our suite of high-quality materials to defend against potential damage. After all, the frame is not the only thing that determines how quickly your piece ages. Instead, other factors like the mat and glass can make a huge difference.

The Right Company

Finally, when it comes to framing, you want to choose the right company to get the job done. There are many nuances involved in conservation framing, and the techniques used involve care and precision. The Chessler Company has been providing high-quality custom framing and conservation framing for decades, and our experienced staff members have the expertise needed to beautifully preserve your family heirlooms, historical documents, artwork and more. Our team is here to help you with all of your framing needs.

Expert Conservation Framing from The Chessler Company

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