What Comes with my Custom Picture Frame?

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A custom picture frame provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your diploma, favorite artwork or family pictures while complementing your unique style. Working with a professional custom picture framing shop, you’ll be able to pick every aspect of the frame to fit your style preferences while keeping your items or artwork safe and sound. But, what exactly comes with a custom picture frame? Besides the actual frame itself, there are a few critical components that typically accompany a custom frame.

What Are The Elements of a Custom Picture Frame?


Glazing is the technical term for a transparent protective layer in a frame, usually made of glass or acrylic. The glazing protects your piece from dust and other debris along with sunlight damage and can also be non-glare or non-reflective and resistant to static.


Another crucial component of a custom picture frame is the mat. A mat is the second line of defense for your artwork, and you can layer multiple mats in a variety of colors to add another decorative element to your pieces. They are typically made of an acid-free paper board but can also be wrapped in silk or linen, depending on your preference.


Custom picture framers can use spacers to create extra room between the glazing and your mats or framed piece. Depending on the dimensions of the item you’d like to frame, spacers can create a gap that’s a few millimeters or several inches to accommodate.


The backing is an acid-free board that sits behind the artwork and protects the area from being damaged or accumulating dust and creates a tidy, finished appearance.

Other Hardware

Other hardware is simply the pieces used to hang the artwork. This could be anything from a simple wire, D-ring, or a cleat system, depending on the piece’s size. If you aren’t sure where to start with hanging pictures, we offer professional installation services as well!

Custom picture frames include all of these pieces to provide the perfect aesthetic for your artwork and keep it protected. These pieces can all be customized for your exact needs and work with the overall feel of the custom picture frame you are buying.

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