What are Float Frames, and When Should You Use Them?

floater frames

You may be looking around and wondering how you can add a fresh touch to your wall space. Perhaps classic designs don’t match your current vision, and you want something nonconventional. If you are looking for a new way to spruce things up, why not try float frames? This type of framing offers a unique, elegant look that is perfect for highlighting the texture of your artwork and adding a sense of depth to every piece. Along with other framing trends, float frames will continue to be a popular choice in coming years due to their hip, modern design. At The Chessler Company, we understand you like to stay up to date and we are committed to providing you with the best service for all your custom framing needs. Below, we have provided more information about this framing method so you can decide if it is the right fit for you.

What are Float Frames?

Whereas with traditional frames, artwork and photos are mounted through the back of the frame, float frames mount through the front. The image appears to almost hang or “float” atop the frame. Float frames provide your artwork and photos with a distinct personality and a distinctive flair. However, because of this you might find that they are better suited to specific settings.

When to Use Them

  • To Highlight Texture

Float frames puts your artwork on full display without obscuring any of its edges, and thus nothing distracts the viewer from the content itself. This makes this type of framing ideal for pieces with visible texture. Some examples might include treasured letters or documents, botanicals, and various memorabilia. After all, photos and works of art aren’t the only things you should consider hanging: spice up your wall!

  • In Small Spaces

Traditional frames typically take up more wall space due to the matting; this can enhance the artwork at times, but some situations might require more attention be paid to the piece itself. Float frames cut right to the chase and make your artwork the center of attention. Therefore, in tighter spaces float frames are perfect because there is no added buffer around the piece.

  • To Display Your Original Artwork

Your original artwork took time and effort to complete, and each small detail meant a great deal to you as an artist. You want the piece to be exhibited without any interference from extraneous materials so the viewer can have a direct connection with the piece. Float frames make this a reality, and modern, abstract works are even better suited to the style.

The Chessler Company Can Help With All Your Framing Needs

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