Tips for Creating a Gallery Wall at Your Home

Bright red blanket on a navy blue settee standing next to a vintage bicycle against white wall with a gallery of posters in living room interior. Real photo

Gallery walls are a popular way to add some personality to your home, and we expect the trend to continue in 2023. The great thing is, there’s no limit to what you can do with them. Walls are blank canvases, and you can embellish them however you like. Some homeowners go for an eclectic, bohemian style and others opt for something modern and contemporary.

However, gallery walls are often difficult to conceptualize. How much is too much? Can you mix styles, mats, and colors? Do you need cohesive content, or can you mix things up? What about placement? Should you start in the center and gradually expand the design, or hang everything at once? Truthfully, there is no wrong answer, but you might benefit from some guidance. Here are our tips for creating a gallery wall you’ll love.

Know Your Focus

First, you should have a clear idea of what you want to frame (and where you’ll be hanging it). A gallery wall in the kitchen will look completely different than one in your bedroom. In the kitchen, for instance, you might want a mix of old recipes and food-related artwork. In your personal space, you’ll probably choose items that reflect your individual personality (polaroid photos, album or book covers, event tickets, etc.). Regardless of what you have in mind, you should know your focus before creating a gallery wall.

Map Out the Arrangement

Some people prefer creating their gallery wall one piece at a time. While this can work, it can also result in a never-ending project. Instead, we recommend mapping out your wall ahead of time. This can be done on paper, but it is best if you lay out all your pieces on the floor. Then you can see exactly how it will look on the wall. Additionally, this method gives you plenty of room to experiment. Simply snap a photo of the arrangement so you have a clear-cut plan before hanging.

Be Creative, But Keep Spacing Consistent

Gallery walls have become a hit because they allow people to unleash their creativity. The size of your wall is completely up to you, and there are no strict rules to follow. One thing we suggest, however, is maintaining consistent spacing. Gallery walls allow for a certain amount of artistic disorder, but correct spacing makes for a more unified design. When you map out your wall, try out a few different spacing amounts to find what works for you. In most cases, one or two inches should suffice.

Consider Framing Styles and Colors

The best part of creating a gallery wall is selecting your frames and colors. The most unique gallery walls utilize a combination of garish, antique frames and simple styles. Typically, they also include a diverse color palette that draws the eye.

Your gallery wall should complement the space and represent your individuality at the same time. Always consider your wall color, the furniture in your room, and any other décor that’s present. Doing so will make the frame and color selection process easy.

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