The Role of Artwork in a Senior Living Facility

It is well-established that art can help improve our health, whether we are sitting in a hospital bed or living in a senior living facility. Many different types of art, including music and dance, help boost our moods and connect with deeper feelings. While the artwork in a senior living facility might just seem like something on the walls, it can play a critical role in the well-being of every visitor and resident. Here is what you should know about the crucial role of artwork in a senior living facility.

Art Helps Inspire

As we age, many different complex and challenging feelings can start to arise, including loneliness, depression, and anxiety. Art, whether you are viewing it or making it, can help to ease these feelings and inspire you. When adding artwork in a senior living facility, you have the opportunity to help boost the mood of everyone who views it. One study found that simply viewing art can help increase creativity and reduce stress.

Art Helps Make Places Feel Like Home

One of the biggest challenges facing many different senior living facilities is how to make residents and visitors feel more comfortable. It can be hard to make a space that some people live in only temporarily feel like a comfortable home. Artwork in a senior living facility can help make things feel more comfortable and lived-in. This is particularly critical when in a space like a senior living facility, as keeping morale high is a top priority.

Art Engages the Mind

Residents in a senior living facility can have a broad range of memory and mental health concerns. Art is shown to help stimulate the mind, help us reflect on past experiences, and encourage creativity. By adding artwork in a senior living facility, you can help residents who are struggling with dementia and other memory challenges to continue engaging their minds. Art therapy is very commonly suggested for aging adults with memory concerns, and having art on the walls is often the first step.

The Chessler Company Helps Mid-Atlantic Region Senior Living Facilities Shine

At The Chessler Company, we work with senior living facilities and other healthcare facilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic region to create cohesive, memorable artwork experiences. Whether you need assistance with selecting artwork, framing it, or installing it, we are proud to be your one-stop shop for all of your art needs. Since 1959, our family-owned and operated company has been helping families like yours make memories last forever. To learn more about our framing services, call us at (410) 358-5161, and let us help you decorate your home!