The Role of Artwork in a Doctor’s Office

Seeking medical care can be intimidating for many patients, which is why many different healthcare facilities focus on making things as comfortable and welcoming as possible. After all, when patients are comfortable, they are more likely to have a good patient experience, stick with their treatment, and have improved treatment outcomes. One way to make your office a more attractive and welcoming place is with artwork. What is the role of artwork in a doctor’s office, and why should you invest in it?

Improved Recovery Times

One study from 1984 found that viewing trees or other nature through a window when lying in bed led to improved recovery. Patients who had a view of nature or trees were hospitalized for almost one day less. They also had fewer negative notes in their medical files, needed lower-strength pain medication, and tended to have a smaller number of postsurgical complications. Since this study, many hospitals have invested in natural views. Because this is not always popular, especially in dense urban areas, natural artwork is a great alternative. When choosing artwork in a doctor’s office, consider pieces with natural elements.

Better Mental Health

Many studies have been performed that are designed to measure the impact of artwork in a doctor’s office or other medical setting. For example, one 2011 study found that, when looking at a beautiful piece of artwork, the viewer experienced a 10% increase in blood flow to the part of the brain that experiences happiness. The artwork itself was more important than the subject, as they saw similar results for landscapes and more abstract pieces. By viewing visual artwork in a doctor’s office, the mental health of your patients can be positively impacted.

Considerations When Choosing Artwork in a Doctor’s Office

Because people come to the doctor’s office for a variety of reasons, you want to ensure that you think carefully about the artwork that you select. Some of your considerations when choosing artwork in a doctor’s office should include:

  • Choose pieces that elicit feelings of comfort, like abstract art that incorporates neutral and calming colors
  • Incorporate natural photography or artworks into places where patients are spending the most time
  • Think of the artwork that you choose in the context of the room and look for other furnishings that work well with it

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