The Psychology of Custom Framing

custom framing

At The Chessler Company, we believe that custom framing is about more than just choosing a way to display art—it is an intricate process that can have a huge impact on how viewers interact with and perceive the art displayed at your home or business. The psychology of custom framing includes seemingly small details, like color and materials, and considers how they influence the experience of the viewer and the ambiance of the surrounding space.

Color Matters

Color psychology is used in marketing, interior design, and beyond to help encourage certain emotions in the viewer. The colors that you select for the frame and mat used in your custom framing project can dramatically alter how the art is perceived. Yellow is associated with joy and happiness by 52% of people, while gray means sadness to 48% of people. If you’re choosing artwork for a doctor’s office, should you focus on colors that inspire or colors that might make patients feel sad?

Beyond the emotions associated with different colors, color can also enhance or distract from the artwork that you are framing. A minimalistic painting could be overwhelmed by a frame that is bright and bold. We can help you choose the right frame and mat colors to complement your pieces instead of detracting from them.

Materials Make a Difference

The materials that you choose for your custom framing project have a practical importance, but they also have an aesthetic one. Different materials can evoke different emotional responses. For example, wood frames can be associated with nature when they are more rustic or associated with elegance when they are sleek and polished. Metal frames can help make a space feel more modern and sleek. The visual and textural impact of different materials should always be considered.

Design and Proportion Have an Effect

The design and proportion are crucial elements that influence the final look of the art and impression that your custom framing project makes. The width of the frame and the size of the mat can totally change how a piece of art appears. A large, ornate frame can make a bold statement and draw attention to a grand artwork, while a slim, minimalist frame can create a more subtle and elegant presentation. Proportion is another factor that should be considered. A frame that is too large can overwhelm a small piece of art, while a small frame can make larger artwork feel cramped. Our framing experts will consider the artwork’s dimensions, the surrounding décor, and the intended emotional effect to help ensure your art makes the impression you’re hoping for.

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