The Difference Between an IKEA Frame and a Professional Frame

professional working on a picture frame

You may find that furniture stores like IKEA have an aisle or two dedicated to picture frames. In truth, there are likely to be issues with the vast majority of them. Even if they seem just fine in the store, you will likely discover issues soon after hanging them in your home or office. Here’s why you should go with a professional frame instead.

Cookie Cutter Sizes

When you’re selecting from ready-made frames, you’re sorting through a variety of mass-produced products. If your art piece or photo is a standard size like 4×6, 8×10 or 16×20, odds are, you’ll find plenty of choices. If your piece isn’t a conventional size, you’ll probably strike out unless you have a bit of luck. When you choose a professional frame, the size of your subject doesn’t matter. In fact, the subject itself isn’t even a limiting factor. Unconventionally sized art pieces? Sports jerseys? Instruments? The pros can handle it all.

Preserve Your Possessions

You can’t beat the aesthetic that professional grade frames provide, but that only tells part of the story. Ultra-cheap framing materials like plastic and fiberglass simply don’t match the quality of the pieces you may be planning to frame. The quality of a frame is directly tied to its ability to preserve its contents. As such, it’s never surprising when we start to see yellowing or fading from pieces that have been housed in low-quality frames for years. Conversely, professional frames use high-quality glass and even UV-resistant glass if requested. That, combined with acid-free matte materials will help both the contents of your frame and the frame itself stand the test of time.

Tailor-Made for Your Home or Business

Finding the perfect frames for your home isn’t always an easy task. You could drive all over town or scour the internet, searching for that perfect frame, but there’s no guarantee you’ll find it. Rather than going through that futile search, a professional frame can be tailored to your exact desires, with a seemingly endless array of frame, matte and glass configurations.

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