The Connection Between Artwork and Healing


Looking at a beautiful painting or an inspiring scenic landscape does more than simply make the viewer feel good. Scientific research has shown that viewing art can enhance brain function, soothe the nervous system and raise serotonin levels. Art can also change a person’s outlook, putting them in a better mental health state at least for a small period.

Artwork Can Provide Comfort

The benefits of looking at art can bring a calmness to the viewer. This is important in places like hospitals, doctor’s offices and assisted-care facilities where patients may be battling serious health conditions. Artwork, in particular scenic photos or paintings of nature with warm colors, can bring a sense of peace and nostalgia. These pieces can bring comfort to someone in a difficult situation.

Artwork Can Change Your Mindset

There is a sensation known as embodied cognition that is used to describe that feeling when you observe a profound or comforting piece of art. When doing so you potentially fire similar neurons as the artist did when creating the piece, making new neural pathways and stimulating inspiration. This feeling can benefit overall health as it expands your mind and can help you develop new ways of thinking.

The Benefits of Creating Art

Making art also has numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that creating art can provide a wide range of benefits since it incorporates both the mind and body. The creator must use imagination and creativity to decide what their art will look like. They must then use physical tools, such as fine motor skills, to create that vision. Along with engaging these senses and tools, creating art itself can have a therapeutic effect. Research has also shown that creating art can help develop neural systems that produce several benefits to improve overall wellness. While simply creating or viewing art will not cure someone who is sick, it can provide a larger benefit to that person’s mental state. That is why placing calming artwork throughout medical facilities can contribute to patient recovery.

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