The Benefits of Choosing a Family-Owned Framing Business Over Michaels Hunt Valley, MD

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It’s a simple fact: corporate entities such as Michaels Hunt Valley, MD don’t come close to mom-and-pop shops. For many, big-box stores seem like a quick, convenient and cost-efficient choice. However, this isn’t necessarily true. These establishments rarely get custom orders right the first time around, and they often offer flat fees based on the size of your framing project. Everything is standardized, and that means that as a client you get less individual attention. Whether you’re framing prized artwork or cherished family mementos, you deserve a frame perfectly suited to your needs.

The Chessler Company has been in the business for decades, and our expertise is unmatched. For framing in Hunt Valley, MD, you will benefit greatly from hiring our experienced specialists. However, if you need a few more reasons to choose us, we’ve got plenty of them!

Better Pricing  

Our competitive pricing for framing over Michaels Hunt Valley, MD, can’t be beat. Prior to starting any project, we will sit down with you to discuss your vision. We treat every framing project individually, and our first priority is designing and installing a frame you’ll love. If you are working with a specific budget, we can make adjustments to craft a frame that is both high-quality and affordable. Due to our extensive knowledge base, we know how much a framing job should cost, and we’ll never overcharge you for a service.

Top-Notch Service

Only a custom framer like The Chessler Company can offer you products and services catered to your exact needs. Most corporate framers like at Michaels Hunt Valley, MD are located in a small section of a larger store, so employees are unlikely to be knowledgeable or passionate about framing. Most of the time, they are also underpaid and overworked. With our business, that’s all we do! We’ve been around since 1959, and most of our workers are a part of our family (and if they aren’t, we welcome them like family!). Framing is what we love, and we care about the level of service we deliver to our customers.

First-rate Frames

Corporate companies often use the cheapest materials possible to protect their bottom line. Over time, they can break easily and the colors may fade. When you select a family-owned business for framing rather than Michaels Hunt Valley, MD, you can rest assured knowing you’re receiving a high-quality frame. We prioritize our customers above all else, and that means using materials that are durable and long-lasting. We can also provide guidance when it comes to mat selection, sizing, and installation options. Trust us; when it comes to framing in Hunt Valley, MD, a family business will do the job better every time!

Select The Chessler Company for Framing over Michaels Hunt Valley, MD

Your artwork is everything to you, and it’s everything to us. We can bring your vision to life. Family owned and operated since 1959, The Chessler Company specializes in providing professional style art and picture framing services to anyone in need of a quality framing provider. For more information about framing in Hunt Valley, MD, call us at (410) 358-5161, and let us help you decorate your home!