The Art of Conservation Framing: How to Preserve Valuable Artwork and Documents

conservation framing

In the world of art, every photograph, painting, or sculpture carries a story. Preserving and displaying these stories is an art in itself, and that’s where conservation framing comes in. As a custom framing provider, our commitment is not only to enhance the beauty of artwork but also to ensure its longevity. What is conservation framing and why should you invest in it for your artwork?

What Is Conservation Framing?

With any type of framing, the end goal is to make the piece of art being framed look better. However, conservation framing goes beyond mere aesthetics. This type of framing wants to also protect documents, artwork, and anything else being framed against a variety of environmental factors that can cause aging and damage. Light, humidity, temperature fluctuations, and even dust in the air can all cause damage. Conservation framing works to help your cherished pieces last as long as possible.

Materials Are Important

One of the most important factors in conservation framing is the materials that are being used. For example, acid-free materials are crucial. These stop the potential transfer of acids that lead to yellowing and damage over time. UV-filtering glass can also be used to stop artwork from coming into contact with damaging ultraviolet rays, which can lead to fading and permanent damage.

Mounting Makes a Difference

Another element of conservation framing is the mounting technique used. Working with a professional custom framing company will ensure that your artwork is mounted properly and that it does not come into contact with any adhesives or materials that might damage the surface. The right mounting technique will also allow for a certain amount of natural expansion and retraction. By thinking of every detail, we can help you avoid buckling, warping, or other problems.

Long-Term Preservation Is the Goal

When it comes to conservation framing, the goal is not just to have the artwork last for a decade. Instead, it is to help it stand the test of time and be passed through the generations. We are here to help you enjoy your artwork for many years to come.

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