Preserve Your Family History with Professional Framing

Close-up top view of man holding photograph of his family over wooden desk with different chancellery stuff laying around

Don’t let your family history gather dust. If you care about preserving the past, get your most treasured items framed by an expert. Whether you have a few pieces or an entire wall of art and documents, professional framing will make your most cherished memories last for years. At The Chessler Company, we can provide you with best display and preservation options in the industry. Framing your family’s history protects it from damage and ensures it is passed down through the generations. 

Access to High-Quality Materials

There is no substitute for professional framing companies when it comes to providing the highest quality materials. Expert framers understand the value of your family heirlooms, and that’s why they use acid-free mat boards. Standard Paper mats made of wood pulp can cause images to fade and yellow with time. Sunlight can also be a concern when it comes to preserving your heirlooms. Fortunately, most professional framers utilize conservation-grade glass for UV protection.

Preservation Expertise    

Professional framing experts are aware of techniques that most big-box art stores like Michael’s aren’t. For instance, they know not to ever use masking tape, duct tape or Scotch tape on your original photos. Expert framers employ preservation corners to secure your image in place instead. They’re also knowledgeable about the effects of glass. Glass traps moisture, and you don’t want your photos to be impacted by water damage of any kind. Professional framers will typically use spacers and other similar tools to leave a gap between the frame and the photograph.

Additional Guidance and Installations

If you have questions or concerns about preserving your items, it’s important to ask individuals who can provide accurate information. Experts can provide you with guidance through every step of the process and install your framed items with care. Furthermore, employees at professional framing companies are highly skilled. They spend most of their time learning about framing techniques, whereas art supply stores that offer framing don’t provide specialized service. Workers support the needs of the store, and that might include framing, but they aren’t framing connoisseurs. At The Chessler Company, that’s all we do, and we do it because it’s our passion. Our staff will be able to explain all of your framing options and what preservation techniques we use, as well as how we will properly install your framed photos. With us, you’ll never have to worry about poor quality frames, long delays or inadequate customer service. We care about prioritizing the needs of our customers and delivering first-rate frames.

Preserve Your Family History and Partner with The Chessler Company for Professional Framing Today

Preserving your family history means everything to you, and it’s everything to us. Don’t settle for second best when it comes to protecting the treasured items you love most. Family owned and operated since 1959, The Chessler Company specializes in providing expert style art and picture framing services to anyone in need of a quality framing provider. To learn more about professional framing, call us at (410) 358-5161, and let us help you decorate your home or business!