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The Chessler Company has been in business for over five decades, and we’ve been proud to assist our customers with poster framing in the Baltimore, MD area. With so many years of experience, our clients know they can rely on expert service when it comes to framing their favorite posters. To this day, we go above and beyond to make each individual customer happy with their final result, including poster framing services of all sizes. 

Why The Chessler Company Is the Right Choice for Poster Framing in Baltimore, MD 

  • Customizability: When you work with The Chessler Company, we have a vast selection of framing materials, mats, and glass options to ensure your favorite posters get the right protection and the perfect aesthetic. Don’t see the perfect solution in our Baltimore, MD office? Our suppliers are bound to have the right materials in stock and ready for order. 
  • Knowledge: When presented with a seemingly endless combination of options, zeroing in on the right choice can be a challenge. The Chessler Company has worked with framing of all types since 1959, and we’re happy to share our expertise when helping customers create the perfect frames. 
  • Expertise: We only employ expert frame builders, and many members of our team have been with us for decades. Due to their abundance of experience, our quality is unmatched.
  • Sourcing Posters: We are always happy to provide top notch framing services to our customers who bring in their favorite posters. If you are still searching for posters to compliment your space, we can help you find them, source them for you, and get them framed as soon as they arrive at our warehouse!
  • Versatility: Our ability to get your home or office outfitted with framed posters doesn’t end once the poster itself is framed. If you need top-quality installation services, we can help there, too!

What Size Posters Does The Chessler Company Frame?

All sizes! We can work with any poster sizes you happen to have, the most common of which are:

8” x 11”
11” x 14”
11” x 17”

12” x 14”
16” x 20”

18” x 24”
24” x 36”


Your business has a strong brand identity, and we want to help you bring it to life. At The Chessler Company, we have worked with commercial facilities and companies of every size in the Baltimore, MD area to outfit their spaces with framed pieces of many mediums. Whether your commercial facility needs a few or a few hundred posters framed, we can get the job done. 


Looking to add a personal touch to your home by hanging your favorite posters? We can elevate their aesthetic appeal with high quality framing, and we’ll use the same care you would when handling them. 

Interior Designers

You bring the concept, we bring the execution. As soon as you and your client have a clear idea of how a space should look, we can bring the vision to life. In addition to our excellent poster framing services, we provide support with anything else you might need, whether that be installing, positioning and moving wall sculptures, or mounting mirrors.

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