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We do a lot more than custom picture framing from scratch. Ever since we got our start back in 1959, the Chessler Company team has been supplementing our creations with expert level picture hanging services in the Baltimore area. We’re proud to accommodate the needs of all our clients, from large quantity corporate installations to tricky one-off residential installations.
Why You Should Choose The Chessler Company for Picture Hanging Services in Baltimore, MD
  • Experience: The Chessler Company has decades of experience working with both residential and commercial clients in selection, framing and installing photos and artwork.
  • Roots in the Community: We have been family owned and operated for over 60 years, and we’ve been situated in the greater Baltimore, MD area from the very beginning.
  • Expertise: Knowledge is one thing, and experience is another. Many of our installers have been with us for decades, and, as a result, they have a wealth of expertise.
  • Convenience: Why search for the perfect wholesale photo provider, frame builder, and installer separately? We can save you time and money by covering all three!


Every business and commercial facility has a unique brand they’ve worked hard to build. At The Chessler Company, we have worked with commercial facilities and companies of every size and industry to create engaging and attractive environments that represent their brand. Need to change things up frequently? As part of your initial picture hanging service, we can also install unique hanging systems that allow you to swap out your artwork easily.

Senior Living

Senior living communities must create a positive and therapeutic environment, where residents feel at home and can live happy, healthy, and safe lives. We have these necessities in mind when our team works with senior living centers. Rather than installing our frames like normal, our installers can use a mounting system to secure pieces to the wall and mitigate damage and potential harm to residents.

Art Galleries

We always appreciate the unique challenge that working on art galleries brings. With our 60 years of experience, sharp attention to detail, and secure hanging methods, you can be sure our picture hanging services will help your gallery come to life.


In healthcare and inpatient facilities, our installation crew can utilize a security system to firmly fasten pictures to protect them from theft and damage. More importantly, the system keeps all of our installations securely attached to the wall, meaning your staff, guests and patients will avoid any potential accidents.

Interior Designers

Your interior design expertise allows you to transform your clients’ spaces. Once you and your client have the perfect vision in place, we can do the legwork with our expert picture hanging services. Apart from just photos, we can assist with arranging, moving, and hanging mirrors, artwork, and wall sculptures.


Our residential customers trust us to work with care when framing their most prized family photos. We know these memories are irreplaceable, and we bring caution and precision with us when it’s time to securely install and display them.

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