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The Chessler Company has been providing custom picture framing in Pikesville, MD for over five decades. We are just as dedicated to fantastic customer service today as we were when we first began in 1959, and we are proud to accommodate the needs of clients of all sizes, from hotels that need hundreds of pieces of art to families seeking the perfect frame for their treasured family photos.

Why You Should Choose The Chessler Company for Picture Framing in Pikesville, MD

  • Experience: The Chessler Company has over fifty years of experience working with both residential and commercial clients in art selection, framing and installing artwork.
  • Roots in the Community: We have been family owned and operated in the greater Pikesville, MD area since we framed our first piece of artwork.
  • Expertise: Knowledge is one thing, and experience is another. Many of our team members have been with us for decades, and, as a result, they have a wealth of expertise in art selection, custom framing and installation.
  • Frame Selection: Thanks to our connections and years of experience, we stock and have access to an extraordinary range of mats and framing materials to create the perfect finished product for you.
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Senior Living

Senior living communities rely on a positive and therapeutic environment, where seniors feel at home and can live happy and healthy lives. We work with senior care centers and senior living communities of all sizes who need beautiful artwork and photographs, quality custom framing and secure installation for safety.

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Medical practices of all types are there to help patients recover and get the healthcare that they need. In order for that to happen, the environment needs to be open and welcoming. The Chessler Company helps pediatricians, hospitals and private practice doctors create relaxing environments accented with custom-framed artwork and picture framing in Pikesville, MD.


We have worked with commercial businesses in every industry and of every size to supply high-quality, custom-framed artwork that perfectly captures their brand and elevates its surroundings. Our team goes above and beyond to understand your needs, budget and brand image and help with every step of the process, from art selection to installation.


Hospitality industry properties are distinctive properties that need to meet the expectations of a broad range of people, from business professionals to families on vacation. The Chessler Company has worked for over fifty years of experience choosing the perfect art and frame for hotels and bed and breakfasts of all sizes, in addition to installation services.

Interior Designers

Interior designers need experienced partners to discover quality art and custom picture frames, especially backed up by experience and great customer service. The Chessler Company is here to support all interior design businesses with our expertise, while meeting your tight deadlines.


From sentimental family heirlooms to priceless collectibles, We have the perfect custom framing solution for anything that your family needs. We have a broad range of picture frames and mats in-stock, and have exacting standards for all of our client projects, so you can rest assured that your maps, photos, artwork and memorabilia are in excellent hands.

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