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The Chessler Company has been in business for over five decades, and we’ve been proud to assist our customers with framing in the Owings Mills, MD area from the very beginning. With our extensive experience, our clients know they can rely on expert service when it comes to a variety of framing projects. To this day, we go above and beyond to make each individual customer happy with their final result.

While you may think of corporate names like Joann Fabrics Owings Mills when considering framing services, we believe that there are a few things that make another framing company in the neighborhood a more appealing choice.

Here’s why you should choose The Chessler Company for your custom framing needs.

Why The Chessler Company Is the Right Choice for Custom Framing in Owings Mills, MD
  • Competitive Pricing: At the Chessler Company, our top priority is to provide the highest quality framing solution possible for each family’s budget. Prior to starting any project, we will sit down with you to discuss your vision. If you are working with a specific budget, we can make adjustments to craft a solution that is both high-quality and rivals the competition’s pricing.
  • Top Quality Service. We take great pride in our work, and many of our team members have been with us for decades. We don’t view your project as another task to work through on our to-do-list, but rather as an opportunity to showcase our skill set and make something your family will treasure for years to come. Most corporate framers, such as Joann Fabrics Owings Mills, are located in a small section of a larger store. In this type of configuration, employees are not guaranteed to be knowledgeable or passionate about framing. At The Chessler Company, framing is our life’s work!
  • Customizability with High Quality Materials: When you work with The Chessler Company, you can choose from a vast selection of framing materials, mats, and glass options to ensure the end product meets your needs and protects your prized possessions. Regardless of the configuration you choose, you can expect the end product to stand the test of time.

Framing Services from The Chessler Company

Certificates and Diplomas

You worked hard for your diploma, and we will work to ensure you can proudly display your new degree with the beautiful frame that we have designed and built. We will work with you to select materials that will preserve your diploma, represent your school, and reflect your style.

Sports Jerseys

Sports jerseys, whether they are from your little leaguer or signed by a hall of famer, are truly one-of-a-kind, and they should be treated as such! We only use museum grade, acid-free materials to ensure your favorite player’s jersey lasts a lifetime and makes the perfect addition to your family room.

Fine Art Framing

Do you have any priceless, fragile art pieces passed down throughout your family? How about any art pieces you’ve recently purchased to add a splash of color to your home? In any case, The Chessler Company knows how valuable prized fine art pieces are, and we can help frame all your favorite pieces with the same care you would when handling them.

Family Photos

Family photo framing has been one of our staples from day one. We have experience with family photo framing projects of all kinds, including:

  • Family portraits
  • Baby pictures
  • Graduation photos
  • Childhood mementos/ artwork
  • Travel photos
  • Annual timelines

Installation Services

Installation services are one final thing that sets The Chessler Company Apart from corporate framing stores like Joann Fabrics Owings Mills. Our ability to get your home outfitted with high quality framing doesn’t end once the pieces themselves are framed. After all, a great looking frame is nice, but how can you go about perfectly hanging it on the wall? If you need top-quality installation services, we can help there, too!

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