How to Improve Your Office Atmosphere

framed artwork

When clients walk into your office, you want them to have a clear vision of your business and what you represent. You also want them to feel comfortable and welcome. Why not find some new ways to spice up your office atmosphere? Plus, the ambience of your office surroundings has a major influence on your employees. Their environment should make them feel fulfilled and proud to be a part of your company, and the kind of framing and artwork you choose makes a big difference. A great office atmosphere will bolster productivity as a result. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Reflect Your Brand Identity

You don’t want your customers and employees to get the wrong idea about your brand. Think about what your business represents and the kind of services you offer. Your office atmosphere should reflect that without being too on-the-nose. A medical office might choose simple, color-coded images and furniture to evoke peaceful emotions for their waiting room, for instance, whereas the back office of a fine dining restaurant might take more liberties and call to mind a sense of place (perhaps the local community or an original location) or hang photos of the food itself that will make mouths water!

Choose Art People Will Notice

Artwork shouldn’t stand out like a sore thumb, but you don’t want it to fade into the background either. Choose something that people will want to ponder, artwork that matches the theme of your business but isn’t too ordinary. Think about whether you want to use colorful art that is more abstract, or if you’d rather use something elegant like black-and-white photography. You could also think about incorporating text, using quotes or a shadow box to engage the viewer. Don’t forget the importance of framing: using handmade, well-crafted frames for your art will show you care about details.

Lighting is Everything!

Rooms with dim lighting can have an adverse impact on your office atmosphere as well as your employees and customers. They should feel like they’re in a positive space (one they would like to return to, ideally), and you want them to be able to see clearly. Is your office atmosphere already equipped with natural lighting from windows? Great! There’s nothing better than a great view. Otherwise, consider adding plenty of overhead lighting or decorative lamps to brighten the space.

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