How to Hang a Gallery Wall

home artwork gallery framed

A gallery wall provides an excellent place to showcase art in your home and if done correctly can accentuate your pieces and the room itself. Creating a gallery wall is relatively simple but there are a few tips and tricks to follow to ensure you are satisfied with the result.

Create a Rough Layout in Your Head

Since a gallery wall includes several pieces, take a few moments before hammering to think about how each piece fits together. Think of the arrangement as one single piece of art and how it will lay. Will it be wide? Narrow? Big? Do you want to save space for more pieces later? What would fit the room? Is there a single piece you want to highlight? Once you have these answers you can get started.

Pick a Height

There are two simple rules of thumb for how high your gallery should start. If the gallery is on an open wall, the center focal point should be about 57 inches off the ground. While it may seem random, that height is slightly below six feet and would be close to eye level for most people. If the gallery will hang above some furniture, have the bottom of the lowest frame be about seven to 10 inches above the top of the furniture. Just make sure that if this is an area people will sit that their heads or backs will not bump into the frame.

Distance Your Frames

Now that you’ve picked the spot it is time to start hanging. Begin in the middle of your gallery and work your way out. Hang each frame about two to three inches apart and try to remain consistent throughout the hanging process. This will ensure that everything looks neat and organized. Take time with each frame to ensure it is in the right place before hammering in nails. Also take time between each picture to take a step back and look at the overall project. You’ll want to fix something wrong sooner rather than later to make sure the gallery comes together the way you envision.

Get Ready to Grow

A gallery wall is never done. Feel free to play with your art over time, either adding new pieces or changing how they are hung to add dimension. A wall gallery can be not only a beautiful addition to your home but a way to showcase a thought, feeling, emotion or the different phases of your life. Use your imagination!

And If You Need a Little Help with Your Gallery Wall

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