How to Frame Your Summer Road Trip Photos

Friends On Road Trip In Convertible Car Taking Selfie

There’s nothing better than a road trip in the summertime. Whether you’re going on a trip with your family or heading out on a solo excursion, the open road offers a lot of adventure. Afterward, you’ll want to look back at all the things you saw along the way to relive the experience (even strange roadside attractions like the World’s Largest Ball of Twine).

If you take plenty of pictures on your travels, you might not know what to do with them. Instead of packing them away in a box or keeping them on your phone for years, consider hanging them on the wall. Do you need help brainstorming different styles? These ideas should help you decide how to frame your summer road trip photos.

Opt for a Photo Collage

On a road trip, even the smallest moments feel exciting and picture-worthy. For this reason, most people don’t take a handful of road trip photos; they take a ton! If you have hundreds of photos left over, you should consider a collage. There’s truly no better way to frame your summer road trip photos. You’ll still have to choose your favorites, of course, but this type of framing style allows you to include more pictures. To include as many as possible, select smaller frames or go for a maximalist “gallery wall” look. If you can narrow it down, you might want to arrange your collage in a single frame; you can also arrange them into a shape or choose a clothespin frame for a unique look.

Go Big with Landscape Photos 

If you’re traveling somewhere like the Grand Canyon or Shenandoah Valley, your landscape photos are going to be beautiful. More than likely, you won’t want to keep these hidden in your phone’s photo gallery. There’s a definite difference between showing your friends your photos zoomed in on your phone vs. letting them see the details up close. Let your most stunning pictures shine by blowing them up to a larger size and pairing them with an elegant frame. These can be positioned over your fireplace, your dining room table or even your home office. Too busy to tackle the framing process? No problem. A professional can help you frame your summer road trip photos and hang them safely.

Get Creative and Incorporate Mixed Media

Not all framed road trip photos need to look the same. Use this as an opportunity to go wild and unleash your creativity. Consider gathering souvenirs, memorabilia and other finds and placing them in a shadowbox along with your photos. You could also incorporate road maps by using them as backdrops or attaching them to your matting. The possibilities are endless. When you frame your summer road trip photos, remember that it doesn’t need to be a formal affair. Have fun with it, experiment with different framing styles and consider what option best represents your trip.

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