How to Choose Artwork for Healthcare Facilities

healthcare facility

Healthcare facilities can be a stressful place for patients and their loved ones alike. Outfitting a medical facility with hand-picked artwork is a subtle way to help improve the wellbeing of those who need it the most. Studies show that desirable environmental surroundings play a key role in shaping our emotional state, which in turn has positive effects on the healing process. What should you look for when choosing artwork for a medical facility?

Focus on Nature Based Pieces

Nature scenes are widely considered to be the best choices for art in medical facilities. Scenic pieces focusing on the beauty of nature can be truly transporting and evoke a sense of calmness and nostalgia. When selecting nature-based pieces for a medical facility, try to choose ones that look inviting, warm and luscious. If a piece includes water, make sure it is calm to drive home the feeling of harmony. Additionally, it is usually best to avoid cold, harsh winter landscapes.

Avoid Abstract Pieces

Abstract art pieces certainly have their place in the corporate world, but that place is not at medical facilities. In fact, studies show that most patients either feel neutral toward abstract pieces or they actively dislike them. Those with a trained eye may be able to spend time observing the piece and unearth a positive meaning. However, abstract pieces have a tendency to cause anxiety among most patients. The fact that they are open for interpretation is a bad thing for those who may be feeling down about their present situation and process art accordingly. Nature based pieces, on the other hand, offer much more positivity and comfort.

Color Choice Matters

There are many theories about human responses to color. In general, most designers choose to avoid vibrant reds and yellows in medical facilities as they have a tendency to ramp up anxiety among viewers. Try to only include muted versions of these colors if you do so at all. Instead, favor cooler colors and try to balance them out with neutral colors. This color configuration is much more likely to invoke a sense of relaxation.

The Chessler Company Helps Healthcare Facilities Choose the Right Artwork

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