How Does Art Complete a Room?

art framed and mounted above sofa

To some, artwork is simply an afterthought when designing a new space. Its added long after the final coat of paint dries and the room layout is decided. In our opinion, that’s not the ideal way to achieve the best interior design possible. If you involve art earlier in your process, you’ll find that it actually brings the surrounding area to a whole new level. Use this post as a guide in selecting the perfect art pieces to complete a room!

Color Palette

Deciding which colors to involve in a room’s design isn’t always an easy choice. If you’re struggling to envision the perfect colors for a space, you should try looking at art earlier in the process. Eventually, you’ll find a piece that you or your client makes a personal connection to. When that happens, you can draw inspiration from the piece when designing the room surrounding it. After selecting a primary color and a few accent colors for the space, installing the piece that inspired it all will be the perfect finishing touch that ties everything together.

Focal Point

A well thought out focal point can enhance the interior design of any room.If you want a piece of art to instantly draw attention, size will be an important consideration. If a piece is too small, it may look out of proportion compared to surrounding furniture. Alternatively, a series of small pieces forming a gallery can be the perfect final addition that enhances the overall aesthetic of a space.  


Art doesn’t necessarily have to be a 2-dimensional painting. If a room lacks some sort of texture, it can start to feel monotonous. A room without any art whatsoever appears functional, but a room with well thought out, mixed-medium art choices feels much more welcoming and relaxing. When completing your next interior design project, consider mixing it up with sculptures or shadow boxes that fit the style of the room and add some depth to the space surrounding them.

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