How Art Improves a Hotel Lobby

framed art in hotel lobby

A hotel lobby provides an important first impression to hotel guests. It should be warm and comfortable while also offering amenities like drinks, snacks and Wi-Fi to weary travelers. The lobby should also provide guests with a homey and inviting place to spend time outside of their room. Art improves a hotel lobby by creating this atmosphere, and adding artwork to a comfortable atmosphere can, in turn, help guests reduce travel stress.

Looking at How Art Improves a Hotel Lobby

Last year we wrote about how the art inside hotel rooms can impact a guest’s comfort and the overall aesthetic of a room. The same rings true for the hotel’s lobby. First, hotel operators will want to think about their clientele. Is the hotel aimed at business travelers or for a cozy weekend getaway? A hotel aimed at business travels may want to incorporate a more modern feel, hanging more abstract paintings or photographs of the surrounding area. Hotels geared toward tourists or families may wish to hang pictures of nature and landscapes for a calming and relaxing effect.

Creating an Overall Feel

Art can have a calming effect on those that view it. That’s why places like nursing homes and doctor’s offices typically specific art pieces to calm those who see them. A hotel lobby should have the same effect. Guests likely traveled some distance to get there and might have residual stress from their trip. The hotel will serve as their home while they are away, so it is essential everything feels welcoming. While travelers visit the lobby when they check-in, they may also spend time relaxing there during their stay.

How to Ensure Your Art Looks the Best

After you’ve selected the art you want in your hotel lobby, you will want to ensure it looks professional. Think of the types of frames you’d like and consider the benefits of having artwork professionally hung. Pictures that are crooked or are in old or damaged frames may send the wrong message to your guests. You want to show guests that they are visiting a clean and organized space. Since they will likely look at the art pieces in your lobby, there is a benefit to ensuring that the entire presentation is flawless.

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