How Art Enhances a Kitchen Space

framed artwork in kitchen

The kitchen is our place to cook and create. It gives us the opportunity to gather with friends and family or spend relaxing time alone. Since we spend a considerable amount of time there, it should feel warm and welcoming. Art in the kitchen can take many forms; you can opt for picturesque landscapes, photos of handcrafted meals or hanging pots and pans. No matter what artwork you choose to hang, it will undoubtedly enhance every aspect of your kitchen space.

It Creates a Focal Point

Do you remember what your kitchen looked like the day you moved in? More than likely, it was a little bland. As with any other room in the house, kitchens are designed to be blank canvases. When you add your own personality via artwork, it gives you, your family members and your guests something pleasant to look at. Without a focal point or any area of interest, your kitchen space is just a kitchen space. Even one piece of wall art can make a big difference as it attracts the eye and adds color to the room.

It Evokes a Theme 

Food is something that brings everybody together. It also appeals to our senses. Kitchen art, then, provides us with the unique chance to create a strong unifying theme. Let’s say you love Italian food (who doesn’t?). Why not hang some beautiful photos of the Tuscan countryside, or cafés in Rome? If you’ve traveled to the country yourself, you could even hang a series of postcards or souvenirs. Alternatively, if you want to make your guests hungry, you could hang attractive photos of delicious pasta dinners and glasses filled to the brim with wine. Get creative with your kitchen space. Where do you want to take your guests? What do you want the atmosphere to feel like?

It Makes a House a Home

Making your house feel like a home begins and ends in your living room and kitchen space. These are, after all, the two places you’ll probably be spending most of your time. We create fond memories with others there: late nights talking to loved ones while a pot of coffee brews, family movie nights, all-day study sessions. The places that we spend our time matter to us. Therefore, they should feel welcoming. Think back to a relative’s house you visited often while growing up. Most likely, you remember the good times you shared, the food you ate together and what their home looked like. Small details like framed wall art can make a world of difference in making a house feel cozy and memorable.

Hanging Artwork in Your Kitchen Space? The Chessler Company Can Help

If you want your kitchen space to feel special, we can help bring your vision to life. Family owned and operated since 1959, The Chessler Company specializes in providing professional style art and picture framing services to anyone in need of a quality framing provider. If you’re looking for an experienced custom framer, call us at (410) 358-5161, and let us help you decorate your home!