How Art Can Promote Healing in a Healthcare Setting

art can promote healing

While you might not notice the paintings lining the walls of most healthcare facilities, they are not just there to look pretty. Art can promote healing, and many medical practices, hospitals, and assisted living facilities use it as part of their multifaceted approach to treatment. How can art be used to create a calming environment that has a positive impact on patient health?

Empower Patients

In a time before GPS, giving directions often required the usage of a common landmark, like a gas station or a stop sign. Art in a hospital or healthcare setting can serve the same purpose and provide patients with a sense of orientation that empowers them to navigate the space on their own. Art provides a more elegant and polished way to help with the wayfinding process, and it can be interpreted and remembered by patients who cannot read traditional signage.

Create Calm

For every person visiting the pediatrician or primary care doctor for a routine visit, there is someone who is visiting because they are sick or in pain. Art can promote healing through creating a feeling of calm in a place that might otherwise be stressful for patients and families. A great deal of healthcare artwork includes calming colors like blue, green, and purple.

Improve Recovery

One famous 1984 study found that the view that patients have from their window can have a surprising impact on the recovery process. Patients who had a view of trees, whether it was real or a photograph, were able to heal almost one day quicker. They also used less pain medication and reported more positive emotions than patients who had the view of a brick wall.

Additionally, a Cleveland Clinic study focused on art placed around facilities and not merely in patient rooms. A whopping 60% of patients reported decreased stress levels when viewing the art. For hospitals where changing the view from the room is not a possibility, this study shows that art can promote healing elsewhere in the hospital too.

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