How Art Can Make a Senior Living Space Feel Like Home

picture framing senior living space

The transition into a senior living space can be difficult for many older adults, but it can be eased through the use of small touches like art to make the space feel more like home. Photographs, paintings and other types of artwork can all make living spaces feel more welcoming, including those designed for seniors. How can you integrate art into your assisted living facility or senior living space?

Recreate a Home Space with Familiar Things

Art is a familiar part of many family homes, and its presence in a senior living center can make things instantly feel more like home. Many interior designers who work in senior living facilities focus on bringing as many familiar elements and pieces, from chairs, side tables, dressers and coffee tables, into the space. The more familiar things that are present, the more at ease the senior will be.

Choose Complementary Textures and Colors

Art can also help to create a cohesive feeling in a senior living space. Interior designers often focus on choosing a complementary color palette with interesting textures that beautifully work together. For some elders, a sharper contrast between walls, draperies and the floor is needed as vision challenges can make the separation between objects harder to detect. In general, neutral color palettes and those with soothing colors like blues and greens work well in a senior living space.

Help Guide Seniors

Art and paintings can also help with the important function of wayfinding in a senior living space. All of us rely on our surroundings as landmarks to know where we are and where we are headed, and artwork can help seniors to know where they are located within a facility or center. Just like artwork can make an individual room feel more like home due to familiarity, it can also make the greater area feel more familiar consequently more like home. When you know where you are, it is much easier to feel comfortable and relaxed.

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