How Art Can Improve Your Home Office

home with framed artwork on the walls

A home office can take many shapes, from a dedicated room in a quiet corner of the house to a busy kitchen table. No matter where you work in your home, you’ll want to improve your home office to make it as comfortable as possible. That not only includes a nice desk and a comfy chair but framed wall hangings that bring personality and comfort to your new working space.

Explore How Art Improves Your Home Office

What kind of art goes best in a home office? The answer, of course, is whatever you like best! There is no wrong answer. However, bold prints with inspirational language or slogans are popular motivators for slow days if you are looking for ideas. Abstract art that features bright colors and interesting shapes or whimsical photos of animals or your children can also be motivating. These types of art pieces can add fun and movement to an office space to spur creativity.

Seeking a Tranquil Place

While some people want to add excitement, others prefer more subdued artwork that brings a sense of calm. Picking calming paintings makes sense if a person wants something to help soothe them during a stressful day. In these situations, you may wish to purchase landscapes or black-and-white photographs to improve your home office. And while it may seem odd, it is alright to put up framed pictures of your loved ones – even if they live at home with you – in your home office. Seeing the faces of loved ones can provide additional motivation to do your job to the best of your ability.

The Benefits of Art in Your Office

There have been many studies promoting the value of art in the workplace. Traditional offices benefit from wall hangings as there is a belief that it can boost creativity, improve engagement and distract workplace stress. The same should be true of the home office. While you may be the only one working there, your home office needs to meet your needs still. After all, you will likely spend eight or more hours in that spot each day. You don’t want to spend that time staring at a blank wall!

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