How a Frame Improves Art

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When you take a beautiful picture or paint a gorgeous landscape, you may not immediately think of how a frame might improve the overall appearance. However, the right frame can accentuate a piece of art, highlighting its best qualities while making it the showcase of any room. Let’s look at some of the ways we can pick a frame to make your art look even better.

Understanding How a Frame Improves Art

When you pick the perfect frame – one that is the right color, size, and texture – to accompany a piece of art, it adds to the overall viewing experience. It highlights the work itself, helping it stand out in a room and attracting the viewer’s eye. A frame also signifies that something is unique or meaningful—telling the world that this is something worth seeing. The frame itself adds depth to the image, adding drama and accentuating the finer details.

Accenture Your Design Aesthetic

A frame improves art by coordinating with other elements in a large design plan. The proper style of frames can mirror your home’s overall style or commercial space the art is hung. A sleek, modern frame can help a piece of art fit in a living room with more modern furniture and the same is true with a more decorate frame that fits in a room with more ornate decorations. The frame helps the art feel like an essential part of the room, giving it additional meaning and gravitas.

A Frame Adds Protection

Frames add important protection for artwork as well, shielding them from the elements and keeping them intact should they fall. Framed images can be protected with acid-free mats or UV protective glass that can provide them more protection. Frames help your artwork maintain its pristine look and feel, stopping it from becoming damaged over time. To keep your art safely secured and minimize damage to your walls, we can also install your artwork for you! 

Improve Your Art with The Chessler Company

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