Don’t Pick the Wrong Art for Your Business

framed art in your place of business

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but business owners may want to be a little more cautious when picking artwork to hang in their office. Choosing the wrong art for your business can send the wrong message to your customers and employees. You want to pick art that is warm and inviting as well as bring ease or inspire creativity in your workers. Let’s look at some common mistakes to avoid.

Avoid Suggestive or Offensive Images

Images with nudity, violence or display a political opinion should almost always be avoided. Even if these images are “tasteful” or not necessarily explicit, even a suggestive image could potentially cause problems and make employees or customers uncomfortable.

Avoid Images That Do Not Represent Your Business

The art in your office should match the image you want to send your customers. A start-up technology company may want bright colors and strong designs, while a law firm may go for more traditional pieces. The key is to understand the vibe you want to give and avoid artwork that clash with it. Usually, businesses will want pieces with warm colors and comforting imagery. Artwork that is dark or portrays a sad or depressing feeling should be avoided since it may also negatively affect employees and create an uninviting environment in your workplace.

Don’t Be Too Boring

Art can have an incredibly positive effect on a space. While business owners may want to avoid the hassle of choosing art, they should avoid bland and boring pieces to get something on the wall. The wrong art for your business can also be old and outdated. Think about the feeling you want everyone to have when they enter your space and work from there. Also, don’t be afraid to pick something bold and colorful. A standout art piece can serve as a conversation starter or help your business stand out to visitors. If you need help choosing artwork for your business, we can help with that too!

Let The Chessler Company Help You Avoid the Wrong Art for your Business

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