Choosing the Right Frames for Healthcare Facility Artwork: Balancing Function and Form

Photo of white treatment couch in Doctor room

Art in healthcare facilities isn’t just about decoration; it plays a crucial role in creating a healing environment for patients, visitors, and staff. Choosing the right frames for your healthcare facility artwork is a delicate balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal. Frames not only protect and preserve the artwork on your walls but also contribute significantly to the overall ambiance of the space. How can you make the right choices?

Protect the Artwork

Healthcare facility artwork serves multiple purposes. It can give patients something to look at in the waiting room, make patients feel more at home, and help with the healing process. However, healthcare settings present unique challenges regarding maintaining artwork, especially when you are hanging things in high-traffic parts of your facility, rooms with harsh lighting, or areas of the facility with high humidity.

Choosing frames and glass that offer UV protection and that are crafted from durable materials is essential to ensure the longevity of the artwork. Selecting materials like acrylic can help protect patients from the risk of the glass covering the artwork shattering in a hectic environment. Moreover, anti-reflective coatings on the glass can enhance visibility while reducing glare, making the artwork more accessible to patients and visitors.

Easy-to-Clean Frames

When choosing healthcare facility artwork, you also need to consider the rooms it is being placed in. The frames should adhere to your safety and hygiene standards. Opt for frames that are easy to clean and maintain to minimize the risk of accumulating germs or dust. Choosing sleek, streamlined frames not only aligns with modern healthcare trends but also allows for hassle-free cleaning. Make sure that the cleaners and chemicals you use to sanitize your facility will not damage the frame material.

Create the Right Atmosphere in the Room

Healthcare facilities include a broad range of spaces, each with its unique purpose and ambiance. From patient rooms to waiting areas and hallways, the art and frames should adapt to suit the specific requirements of each space. For example, in patient rooms, you should choose frames that help create a calm environment. Lighter frames with soft edges can create a soothing atmosphere compared to harsh metal frames with sharp bevels. In high-traffic areas like hallways or waiting rooms, opt for sturdier frames that can withstand being brushed up against or jostled.

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