Choosing the Right Art for Every Interior Design Client

framed art for an interior designer

As an interior designer, all of your clients trust your professionalism, experience and judgment when selecting art for their homes. However, that doesn’t mean that selecting the perfect art for all of your interior design clients is easy! How can you ensure that you knock it out of the park with your wall art selections every time?

Use Positive and Negative Space Wisely

Whenever you meet with a client, pay attention to the size of the space and other décor and furniture elements in the room. Would a large, sprawling painting make the space seem cluttered or present a unique focal point in an empty room? Does a small print get lost amidst other home décor in the living room? There is always a perfect piece of artwork and frame for every room, but you should think critically about the space you have to work with when finding it.

Don’t Go Overboard with Color

Some interior design clients think that art for their space should match at least one color present in the room. However, the dominant color in the room does not necessarily need to match the dominant color of the artwork. It’s often much better to choose artwork that has hints of color reminiscent of the space. After all, tastes will change over time and you don’t want to choose pieces that will completely clash if the homeowner decides to change the wall color from a soft yellow to a bright white.

Think in Groups

For many interior design clients, having a series of art throughout a home or using a gallery wall can be the perfect way to give the space a professional appearance. There are many different ways to create a series, whether it’s using pieces from the same artist, things that share a subject or artwork that revolves around a central theme, like nature. By thinking of interesting groupings of paintings and artworks, you can give each interior design client of yours something that feels completely custom

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