Certificate and Diploma Framing in Baltimore, MD

from The Chessler Company
At the Chessler Company, we have been offering quality certificate and diploma framing services in Baltimore, MD for over six decades. You worked hard for your diploma, and you deserve to have it framed with the attention to detail that our team has provided time and time again over the years.

Why You Should Work With The Chessler Company for Certificate and Diploma Framing in Baltimore, MD
  • Experience: We have over sixty years of experience framing diplomas and awards just like yours!
  • Deep Community Roots: The Chessler Company has been family-owned and operated in Baltimore, MD since our very first location. 
  • Expertise: Most of our team members have worked with us for decades, so they have an impressive amount of expertise in material selection, custom framing and even installation!
  • Product Selection: We can access a complete range of framing materials, mats and glass options to create a truly custom finished product. 

Archival Materials

Diplomas and certificates are truly one-of-a-kind, and they should be treated as such! We only use museum grade, acid-free materials to ensure the contents of your frame last a lifetime.

UV Protective Glass

You should be able to display your certificate for years to come without worrying about it degrading in appearance. We use UV protected glass to keep your prized possession from fading. As a bonus, the glass also reduces glares!

Represent Your Style

Certificates and diplomas look best with a mat. Would you prefer a subtle mat, or do you want to deck it out to match your school’s colors? We can execute either, and help you choose the perfect frame to tie the whole project together.

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