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Art installation services on display in Washington, DC

High quality framing is only part of the package you get when you work with The Chessler Company! Ever since we got our start over 60 years ago, our team has been supplementing our creations with expert level art installation services in the Washington DC Area. We are located west of Baltimore City, perfectly situated to work with both Washington DC and Baltimore residents. Regardless of the location of our clients, we’re proud to accommodate their needs, from large quantity art installations to tricky one-off residential picture hanging services in Washington, DC.

Why You Should Choose The Chessler Company for Art Installation Services in Washington, DC
  • Experience: We’ve been in business for 62 years. Throughout that time, we’ve worked with both residential and commercial clients in art selection, framing and installing artwork.
  • Roots in the Community: We have been family owned and operated just outside of the Washington DC area since we did our first art installation.  
  • Expertise: Knowledge is one thing, but experience is another. Many of our team members have been with us for decades, and, as a result, they have a wealth of expertise in art installation services, picture hanging services, framing and selection. 

Senior Living

Senior living communities make great efforts to make their residents feel safe and at home, so we do exactly the same thing! Our safe mounting system keeps all of our installations securely attached to the wall, meaning your staff, guests and residents will avoid any potential accidents.


In healthcare and inpatient facilities, our installation crew can utilize a security system to firmly fasten artwork to protect it from theft and damage. More importantly, the mounting system our installers use to secure pieces to the wall help to mitigate damage and potential harm to patients.


Branding is everything, and we have worked with commercial facilities and companies of every size and industry throughout Washington DC to create the perfect working environment. Of course, your industry’s definition of an ideal workplace may change often.  As part of your art installation, we can also install unique hanging systems that allow you to rotate your artwork easily.

Interior Designers

Your interior design expertise allows you to help you transform your clients’ spaces. Once you and your client have a vision in place, we can do the legwork with our expert art installation services. Apart from just artwork, we can assist with arranging, moving and hanging mirrors, photos and wall sculptures.


Our residential customers trust us to work with extreme caution when framing their most prized art pieces. We bring that same caution and precision with us to every job when it’s time to securely install oil paints, fine art prints and needle points in the Washington DC homes of our customers. 

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