Art in the Waiting Room Can Make Patients Feel More Comfortable

art framed in a waiting room

Whether you have a small medical practice or a large hospital, you want to provide the best possible experience for patients who walk through your doors. A good patient experience starts the moment that they enter your facility, and art in the waiting room is one of the best ways to make patients feel more comfortable. 

Adding Calm and Eliminating Stress

Anxiety makes wait times feel longer, and long wait times can lead to low levels of patient satisfaction and high levels of discomfort. Making small changes, like eliminating a television that plays the news all day or tidying up to remove clutter, can lower stress levels. To add calm back into the room, it’s a great idea to put art in the waiting room. Studies have shown that nature scenes and natural motifs can make patients more relaxed. If you have windows in your waiting room that face trees or a garden, you can also find a way to highlight them.

Make the Room More Attractive

While patients ultimately want good quality care from their doctors, they also want to be getting that care in a healthcare environment that is clean and well put together. Art in the waiting room improves the look of the space and increases the trust that patients have in you to create a wonderful experience. Unlike other parts of your waiting room, like magazines or fresh flowers, that you will need to invest in multiple times over the course of the year, art in the waiting room is a one-time investment that can endure for years.

Art in the Waiting Room Improves Patient Outcomes

Finally, many studies have researched the connection between a good environment and patient outcomes, and art is one of the factors that can improve the healthcare environment. One study found that patients at a transplant clinic indicated art in the waiting room was the most important part of the clinical environment. They ranked art over magazines, comfortable chairs, television, internet access, potted plants and even views from a window.

Make Patients at Your Medical Facility Feel Comfortable with The Chessler Company

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