A Simple Guide to Hotel Room Art

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Choosing the right artwork for any interior design project can be difficult, and selecting hotel room art is no different. While artwork is not typically the centerpiece of any hotel room, it does have a serious impact on how comfortable guests are and the aesthetic of the room. How can you select the right hotel room art for your hotel or hospitality industry clients?

Work with the Hotel Design

Some interior designers feel like they must select hotel room art that perfectly matches the colors, feelings and fabrics used around the hotel. However, that isn’t always the best plan! Instead, it’s best to choose colors that complement the design story of the hotel. Sometimes a neutral piece is best, while in other cases a bold, eye-catching piece is the best option. Experiment with different options that mesh well without the rooms and don’t try to match everything exactly.

Think About the Area

Where is the hotel located? In many cases, the people staying in a hotel are there for either business in the immediate area or vacation to see the sights. Incorporate the culture of the surrounding area into the space. For hotel room art, choose prints of the city or work with local artists to incorporate local culture into pieces. By carefully curating pieces and choosing things that work well with the neighborhood, you will further the design story of the hotel and honor the culture of the area.

Consider Your Target Audience

Hotel room art, just like any other art, is subjective and meant to round out the space where it is displayed. When choosing pieces, always keep the target audience in mind. A hotel that specializes in cozy weekend getaways will have different clientele than an upscale hotel catering to business travelers. Always think critically about what your audience likes and what their expectations will be for the space. Modern rooms with rustic art look mismatched, but modern rooms with sleek or abstract artwork often look interesting and cohesive. You should also consider your audience when thinking about the size of the pieces and how they will be hung on the wall.

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