A Simple Guide to Art in Retail Establishments

framed modern retail poster

Any retail establishment, no matter how big or small, should have some form of art in it. But it’s not always easy to know where to start. How much art do you need? What’s better to frame: photos, paintings, or memorabilia of some kind? Do you want your art to stand out, or be displayed in a subtle manner? First, it’s important to take the time to reflect and fully understand your brand. If you don’t know how you want your audience to feel, it’ll be difficult to choose which type of art to frame. With the right decorative elements, however, you can make your stores more inviting and attractive.

Think About What You’re Selling

When we talk about what you’re selling, we’re not just referring to merchandise. Of course, your products will always play a part; a coffee shop is going to have different art than a clothing store, for example. However, what you’re selling is also more than a product line. In some ways, you’re offering customers a concept. When visitors walk into your retail establishment, they should get a feel for the atmosphere right away. Think about a spa. They may sell bath and body products, but it’s rare that you’ll see photos of those on the wall. Instead, you’ll see calming, tranquil landscapes, abstract paintings with soft shades of blue and green, and plenty of natural elements. Why? In addition to selling facials and various products, spa owners are also selling the concept of relaxation. Art should reflect what you want your customers to experience.

Consider Local Artists  

Above all else, art should be engaging. You want your customers to feel compelled to stick around for a while, and great art can accomplish that. Most people can spot corporate, ready-made art right away, and they quickly grow bored with it. These types of images are little more than costly placeholders. Why not spend your money on something more meaningful? Unique, individualized art stands out. People know the difference, and they like to buy from businesses that care about supporting local artists. Plus, this will give your business something one-of-a-kind that few other companies have. If you want to cultivate a distinctive environment that is tailored to your brand, there’s no better option. Make a statement!

Take Your Audience Somewhere

When you hang art in your retail shop, you have the opportunity to take your customers on an adventure. Where did your company originate? If you started out by selling doughnuts in a food truck in Oregon, and now you’re opening a shop in a different state, why not hang artwork that showcases your hometown? Whether you’re starting your first retail shop or you’re branching out by franchising, location-oriented art can give your business a strong personality. It also adds intrigue to your interior design. Some of your customers might even have connections to that area, and this can spark a fun conversation.

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