A Look at the Most Popular Art Frames

popular picture frame styles

The right frame can make a new piece of art stand out, but many consumers do not know about the wide range of frames available. There are many different styles of picture frames available, each bringing an extra element to showcase the pictures, paintings, and other art pieces in your home. Let’s look at some of the most popular art frames.

What Are the Most Popular Art Frames?

Modern frames are the most popular styles because of their simplicity and class. They are sleek pieces of wood or metal, providing a solid yet unobtrusive outline for your piece. Depending on your artwork’s size and style, we can get modern, simple frames in all sizes and customize the width as needed.

Floater Frames

Floating frames are incredibly popular as well. Floater frames create an illusion that the art is floating in the air, as its name suggests. The frame makes it look like the picture is inside a frame without touching it, giving a unique visual detail.

Decorative Frames

Decorative frames, or ornate frames, on the other hand, look like art themselves. These types of frames work great with more understated art pieces, especially portrait photographs, but may clash with louder or more busy pieces. They include intricate woodworking patterns and offer a unique visual impact.

Showcasing 3D Art

For art pieces not on canvas or paper, you will want to look for a deep frame. As the name suggests, these frames offer a more pronounced edge that allows the artwork to sit back in the display. These are similar to shadow boxes typically used to display military awards or sports jerseys. Deep frames are perfect for showing unique art pieces that go beyond a picture or a portrait. The picture frame allows for the piece to have physical depth while also keeping it protected.

What Frame is Right for You?

Frames come in all shapes and sizes. There are specific recommendations based on the type of art for what will traditionally look best. However, the best picture frame for a piece depends entirely on the person purchasing it. You may want something simple that highlights the art or something more complex and intricate. There is no wrong answer!

Let The Chessler Company Help You Pick the Right Frame

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