5 Diploma Framing Tips

framed certificate

Are you receiving your diploma this spring? If so, congratulations! You worked hard to earn your degree and you deserve a high-quality framing solution to display your accomplishment for years to come. These diploma framing tips will help you create the perfect frame to display and protect your degree.

Choosing the Frame

We love helping individuals choose the frame for their diploma, simply because there are so many options! You could choose wood tones to match your office, a solid color to match your school’s colors, or even a glossy metal frame to showcase your achievement in style. However, for this specific application, you really cannot go wrong with your frame choice.

Matting is a Must

Ordinarily, the matting is an entirely optional addition that many individuals enjoy for a little added sophistication to their framed items. Likewise, matting is optional for diploma framing, but it’s an option you should be sure to take advantage of. Diploma matting is a great way to reflect your personal taste, broadcast your school’s colors or help your diploma look just right in its new space.

Use Archival Framing Materials Only

Earning your degree is a lifetime achievement, and you should be able to proudly display that achievement all throughout your life. As such, we recommend using only museum-grade, acid-free framing materials to preserve the current color and condition of your diploma. 

UV Protective Glass

If your diploma will be displayed in a well-lit room, it will be worth seeking out a UV protective glass covering. The sun’s rays can cause noticeable fading with prolonged exposure, which isn’t a risk worth taking with such a significant item. When selecting your glass, you can also consider opting for a non-glare option depending on the lighting conditions where you intend to display your diploma.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve chosen your frame size, mat color and glass covering, your final decision will be whether to include any additional items in your frame. Most often, finishing touches include the tassel from a graduation cap or a photo from graduation day.

Top Quality Diploma Framing with The Chessler Company

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