4 Reasons Every Artist Needs a Custom Framer

picture frame for painting

Framing allows you to present your artwork in a way that is both eye-catching and effective. By having a custom framer, you can make sure your work is properly presented. Think of how much time you spend perfecting your art, focusing on every detail until you are satisfied with the result. The frame you select can either enhance or detract from the power of the work. After all your efforts, you don’t want this one decision to have a negative impact on the overall design. Your work is going to be on display regularly, and you want it to shine. Therefore, choosing an experienced custom framer will prove highly beneficial to you.

High-Quality Framing is Essential

The frame you select is just as important as the canvas you choose. We would even go as far as to say the frame and the artwork itself are one. When your artwork is displayed in a gallery, passersby see the piece in its entirety. A custom framer makes sure that your work is one cohesive design. In addition, they’ll guide you towards high-quality materials. Prior to picking up your brush, pencil or camera, you ensure the tools you have are first-rate. It should be the same when it comes to your frame.

Artwork Preservation

A custom framer is trained to preserve your artwork with care. They know all the ins and outs of various materials and how they’ll affect your work. After your piece is displayed, custom framing professionals can also provide you with information on proper storage methods. Without this expertise, your artwork may not have the long lifespan it deserves.

Advice for Frame Selections

As an artist, you probably know a great deal about framing options yourself. However, making these decisions on your own can be challenging and even distracting. Your time should be spent making your art the best it can be. An expert custom framer, on the other hand, has made framing their life’s pursuit. They can provide you with certifiable knowledge you can count on. Ultimately, a frame should enhance the artwork without causing a disruption. Custom framers can narrow down mat samples, frame corners and materials to help you make the right choice.

Learn More About Mat Options

Economy paper mats or rag mats? Buffered or unbuffered? Glass or acrylic glazing? What about color? How will your artwork be mounted? These questions can be overwhelming. However, a custom framer will collaborate with you to accomplish your goals. An effective frame should lead the viewer’s eye in the right direction. A custom framer can offer you a wide range of mat options and give you helpful guidance every step of the way.

Select The Chessler Company As Your Expert Custom Framer

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